October 2017



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Dear Yuletide Writer

Dear Yuletide Writer

The fandoms (and characters) of my heart I've requested (in alphabetical order :D)
Blade (Movie Series) - Abigail Whistler, Hannibal King
The Eagle | The Eagle of the Ninth (2011) - Marcus Flavius Aquila, Esca Mac Cunovel
Jupiter Ascending (2015) - Jupiter Jones, Caine Wise
King Kong (2005) - Jimmy, Mr Hayes
Rat Queens - any

First of all, thank you for writing for me! Just having someone write fic for one of the tiny fandoms of my heart is enough to make me happy so I am sure that I will love whatever you write.

I tend to be fairly small fandom orientated anyway, and I tend to stay with fandoms for a while, so please don't be put off by the fact that I may have requested some of these fandoms before. It doesn't mean that I haven't loved the fics I've had in the past - it's just that in many cases, these are the fandoms I've been writing in all year around and Yuletide is my once-a-year chance to get to read some fic that I haven't written myself!

So, on that note I thought it would be helpful to give my likes and dislikes upfront, just to give you an idea of what makes me happy and what might not :) These tend to be pan-fandom things, but if there's anything specific to a fandom I'll put it there.


I love female characters, and I have a massive competency kink which is pretty much doubled when it involves women. I also have a soft-spot for capable women and the still capable but slightly broken men who pretty much worship the ground they walk on.

This year I've also requested some fandoms with solely male characters because these are things I've watched and loved during the year, and I desperately want fic for them. They may not have the female characters that are my default go to, but they do share many of the same things that I love in other canons, namely relationships between characters that just resonate with me.

I love found families, and those that are small and broken, but still good, and I love stories that are about trust - whether that's simply instinctive or has to be earned. Because of that, I also adore relationships (romantic or not) where people aren't afraid to call each other on their shit, and it just makes me wriggle with glee when male characters actually trust the woman in their lives to know their own minds and their own limitations. I love stoic characters who hide so much beneath the surface (especially if they're female), and I especially love relationships that are all about the unspoken bonds, where a quiet touch or a simple exchange means as much as the most ardent declaration.

Give me faith and trust, characters who have each other's backs, who will go to the end of the line for each other. The ones who will walk through fire for the people they love, whether that's familial or romantic, who will fight to the death for someone even if they occasionally drive each other nuts. (Yes, I have a loyalty kink :D) Smart characters who might occasionally do stupid things for the right reasons. Broken characters who just keep on going out of sheer stubbornness because they just can't quit. Partners who rely on each other, and friends who will always be there. I don't mind if it's casefic or shipfic, plot or porn or a combination of all of them, but I'm largely in fandom for the characters and what they mean to each other so I would love anything that explores that in any of the fandoms I've requested.

I like happy endings, but I don't mind if they're bitter sweet, and hurt-comfort or injury is fine as long as it's not permanent and doesn't result in death. And if you want to go the porn route, I have a particular fondness for threesomes, cunning linguists :D and pegging, plus fem!dom (with male subs) as long as it doesn't involve humiliation or significant pain.


I have a massive second hand embarrassment squick, so please, no humiliating characters or having them embarrass themselves. No non-con or death fic, please, although I'm okay with a story dealing with the aftermath if it happened in canon. For most fandoms, I'd prefer fic set in the canon universe rather than outright AUs, although I don't mind 'what ifs' if you want to explore what would happen if canon went in a slightly different direction (although The Eagle is my exception to that general rule). And please no fic with men dominating women in the bedroom, although I would be happy if it was the other way around :D

Phew. Hopefully that's not too offputting! Now to the fandoms:

Blade (Movie Series)

Characters I've requested: Abigail Whistler, Hannibal King

Background info: There are three movies making up this series, all of them about a half-blood vampire hunter, Eric Blade, who generally goes around being sullen and staking vampires, while also suffering some existential angst and looking cool in black leather and sunglasses.

Me, I like the sidekicks.

What it is that I love: I love Abigail and King, and the relationship between them. I've love a fic that explored their relationship - whether you see it as romantic or best friends/partners - because it hits so many of my happy buttons. She's the stoic, kick-ass, competent woman with the odd crack in her facade that lets the human shine through. He's the snarky, crude, rude guy with a vulnerable side who worships the ground she walks on. Together they fight vampires!

I will be honest here and state that I ship them like burning. But even if you don't, they also have the whole 'found family' thing going on with the Nightstalkers (and particularly Zoe in the aftermath of the movie) so my happy buttons will still be just as mashed.

If you want to include any other of the Nightstalkers in the fic, please feel free - Abigail and King are my favourite characters, but that doesn't mean that I wouldn't love something more team-related as well (see that whole found family thing). And even Karen Jenson - I know she doesn't appear after the original movie, so if you offered her and would like to write her interacting with the Nightstalkers, I did nominate her so please feel free to include her :)

Prompts/Optional Details: If you like prompts (if not, feel free to skip), I'm always fascinated by the wider world of the Blade movies, particularly the third one. So, how does Abigail and King's cell fit in with the wider Nightstalkers' network? Are they the only cell active? Also, what about the feds? Was there any blowback after the Talos Clan were wiped out?

What happens after the movie? Do Abby and King raise Zoe, or do they find an alternative? What about the future? Are they still fighting vampires or are they all wiped out? Do they go after werewolves next, as in the movie coda?

Or even before the movie - how does the first cell get set up? How does King end up fitting in with the Nightstalkers? What kind of logistic nightmares does Abby have to deal with? How did King join the Nightstalkers in the first place? He mentions that Abby gave him the cure, but why did she make that decision? How did they meet?

Other things you might want to know: This is one of the fandoms where there is in canon character death and non-con (I'm convinced that Danica/King wasn't consensual), so I don't mind if the story explores those. If you're more comfortable with gen, that's absolutely fine! You don't have to try and stick some ship in just to make me happy :)

The only thing I would ask is no Drake/King, please. Definitely not my cuppa.

The Eagle | The Eagle of the Ninth (2011)

Characters I've requested: Marcus Flavius Aquila, Esca Mac Cunoval

Background info: Roman era master and slave bonding and barely subtext homoeroticism while they undertake an epic journey to retrieve the lost Eagle of the Ninth and restore honour to the Aquila name. Together they fight... picts?

What it is that I love: Trust. Oh, God the trust, and the hurt-comfort, and the barely subtext homoeroticism, and the stoic-ness and the stubborness of the main characters and the fact that they both need each other, believe in each other, have each other's backs even after all of the doubts and the tensions between them.

Plus, you know, that whole rain scene with the neck gripping and the naked vulnerability on Marcus' face. It is my jam.

This is another pairing that I ship, but I would also be happy with something that explores their friendship, the trust that they have in each other, a trust that has been very hard earned. This is a fandom in which I have no problem with outright AUs, as long as the central relationship between Marcus and Esca remains at the core, no matter whether you see it as slashy or not.

Prompts/Optional Details: If you like prompts (if not, feel free to skip): Oh, boy. As I've said, I'm happy with AUs in this fandom, so if you want to go whole AU on the 'how do Marcus and Esca meet and what is the catalyst for their friendship given the disparities between them if it's not the whole slave/master thing', then go for it :D If you want to write post movie Happy Gay Farmers fic, then go for that. What do Esca and Marcus do after the movie? Do they buy that farm? Do they go looking for remnants of Esca's tribe? Do they get involved in more covert missions for Rome? Do they travel the world, go back to Marcus' homeland or to Esca's formal tribal lands? If you do want to go slashy, how and when did their romantic relationship start and how does it fit in with Esca or Marcus' cultural norms?

Or, you know. Porn. Porn is always good :D (As long as that is your thing - if it's not your thing, epic friendship is just as good!)

Other things you might want to know: I'm happy if you include supporting characters, but would prefer that the Seal Prince isn't a focus. Also, I don't think non-con happened in canon - although I can see why others would - so I'd prefer that my story doesn't include any non-con or aftermath.

Jupiter Ascending (2015)

Characters I've requested: Jupiter Jones (Jupiter Ascending), Caine Wise

Background info: Down-trodden janitor 'lost princess' gets saved a lot by her roller blading space werewolf angel (possibly sub) boyfriend but still manages to kick the Dark Lord's ass with the help of a handy piece of pipe. There are mother issues galore and politics of the bureaucratic nightmare kind, plus Soylent Green Regenex is people!

What it is that I love: Oh. My. God. I sat through this movie at the cinema (5 times in total) making grabby hands of glee the entire way through! Just... yes! This is my happy place! I know that a lot of people have criticised the female protagonist as being 'passive', but I pooh-pooh those people and point to a piece of pipe. Jupiter is awkward, uncertain and more than a little wide-eyed, but please! As if most people who had no idea that aliens existed would react any differently when confronted with Channing Tatum with elf ears on roller-blades. Space roller blades!

I love Jupiter's saavy here. Yes, she's naive at first, but this is a whole new world for her - literally! But I love how her good heart, and eventually her good head, carry her through it all. I love how she tries so hard to do the right thing, and how it exhausts and upsets her that she might be the only one. And I love her relationship with Caine, the way he subtly teases her and how he himself grows under her regard, as though he sees himself as worthy because that's how she sees him. Plus, you know, she loves dogs. She's always loved dogs.

Glee, I tell you. Glee! Also, I'm pretty sure that fem!domming is canon. I'm sure he doesn't just call her 'Your Majesty' out of the bedroom :D

Prompts/Optional Details: If you like prompts (if not, feel free to skip): Given that their relationship is canon by the end of the movie, I feel a little less guilty for asking for ship fic. However, please don't feel that you have to write that if that's not your jam. I'm also fascinated by space politics and the wider Jupiter Ascending Universe.

So, ship wise, I'd love to see the development of their relationship explored, especially if it's at least slightly fem!dommy (although, again, only if you're comfortable - I'd rather you wrote a story you enjoyed than tried to write something you weren't happy with to try and make me happy :D). I've mentioned my general preferences at the beginning of my letter, but basically I'm all about the trust and the respect, so I've love something that explores that in spite of their differences and different expectations. If you do want to explore the fem!dom side of things, I'm not sure I buy Jupiter as an experienced dom - I quite like the idea that this is new territory for her, one she's happy to explore with Caine.

Non-ship wise, I've love something that explores the wider Jupiter Ascending universe, particularly the parts that were only touched on in the film. More about Ourus, maybe, or about the bureaucratic nightmare that is this Universe. Or more about splices, and the idea that they're made to order. Or more about the Aegis, and how they fit into a universe of Entitled who seem to do what they want, only constrained by archaic tax rules. More about the Regenex industry and how on earth (pun intended) the wholesale harvesting of humans became an accepted practice.

Mostly I'd like fic with Jupiter and Caine at the centre of it but that can explore any of these issues that you like :) Or, alternatively, porn would be good (if that's your thang!) :D

Other things you might want to know: I feel a bit embarrassed mentioning this, but I am totally down for knotting in this fandom.

King Kong (2005)

Characters I've requested: Jimmy (King Kong), Benjamin (Ben) Hayes (King Kong)

Background info: This is the remake of King Kong, directed by Peter Jackson. Among the characters who didn't appear in the 1933 original (or the 1976) remake are Jimmy (the 'cabin boy' type character) and Mr Hayes (the first mate).

What it is that I love: Jimmy in particular intrigues me - we get very little sense of his character in the movie, beyond his desire to prove his worth despite being seen as too young, but there are some hints in both the movie itself and in the deleted scenes that his character, and the things his character has been through, are far darker than appear at first. For example, the fact that Mr Hayes first found him in the animal cages, badly beaten as a child, and the fact that he knows intimately how a man dies when he's been stabbed. (As an aside, I love the deleted scenes because of the insights they add to the characters of Jimmy and Hayes in particular, and if you're interested (and if you've offered the fandom I suspect you might be :D) you can find most of them on Youtube on this playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwECeDzZVX281i6PBcTgx2zjgCd-3mXP2, plus there's this one scene that was scripted and mostly filmed, but that didn't make the final cut that's just incredibly slashy here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3FnAQClpAk).

I love the relationship between the two of them, the reluctant way in which Hayes cares for his charge, alternatively harsh and roughly affectionate. I love Jimmy's contradictory character, all bluff bravado; cold, calculated clear view of the way in which the world works; and heartbrokenness when he loses the one anchor in his life. I love the way they bounce off each other and there is so very, very little fic about them. I would absolutely adore anything that explores what they mean to each other.

Again, I do ship them, in their brokenness, but I'd also be very happy with anything familial if that's not how you see them. All that tension, the push and pull between Hayes trying to keep Jimmy safe and Jimmy's desire to break free - it's just so delicious to me, no matter what form it takes. The only thing I would ask is that if you do write slash, please make Jimmy at least 17 or whatever's required by age of consent in your locality. (It's 16 in the UK, where I am, but that still seems a little too young for me when compared to Hayes' age).

Prompts/Optional Details: If you like prompts (if not, feel free to skip): How about pre-movie fic, about the way that Hayes finds Jimmy and how the decision was made to keep Jimmy on board? Was Hayes instrumental in that? What promises did he have to make to Captain Englehorn to make it happen? What about some of their adventures together before they travel to Skull Island? Or how about Hayes finally accepting that Jimmy is no longer a child? Does Hayes know more about Jimmy's past than he lets on? How is it that Jimmy is intimately acquainted with how a man dies when he's stabbed? What about the dancing? Who taught Jimmy to dance like that, and with whom has he danced before?

How did Hayes move from being a World War I hero to the first mate of a broken down tramp steamer? How does he feel about his options being limited? Does the company help make up for that? What about missing scenes from the movie itself? It was a long voyage and we saw comparatively little of it.

Basically anything about the two of them :)

Other things you might want to know: I'm absolutely fine if you include other canon characters, but I'd prefer the story to focus on the relationship between Jimmy and Mr Hayes, however you see them. Also, as I mentioned in my introduction, I'm okay with themes like death and non-con if they happen in canon, so you can bear that in mind for this fandom :).

Rat Queens

Characters I've requested: Betty, Dee, Hannah, Violet

Background info: Rat Queens is a comic published by Image Comics about a group of adventurers in a D&D like universe who are totally and utterly awesome. Even if comics aren't your thing (they aren't usually mine, because I'm more narratively orientated than visual) and have no intention of Yuletiding it, I would still encourage you to check it out because it is love and because I wave the first couple of trade paperbacks at anyone who stands still for more than five minutes! Sometimes only three!

What it is that I love: Found families! Competency! You and me against the world! Banter! Snark! Female characters who are all individuals and none of them are stereotypes! Who love each other fiercely, even when they fight. And woe betide anyone who picks a fight with them! Because those people? They're about to become a smear on the sidewalk.

Hannah, the rockabilly dark mage with a sardonic outlook on life.
Dee, the cleric, whose parents worship a giant flying squid! (Dee's an atheist, but figures she's enough of a goddess for her spells to work)
Betty, the smidgen who's all about the balanced diet - candy and drugs for dinner!
Violet, the hipster dwarf, who shaved her beard off before it was cool and who loves her sword ironically.

And the art work - even though they're now up to Artist Number 3 - is just gorgeous.

Prompts/Optional Details: If you like prompts (if not, feel free to skip): ALL THE THINGS!

No, seriously. I would love anything about these characters, whether it's slice of life, them going on another adventure together, how they met and formed their group, why they chose 'Rat Queens' as their name, how they interact with other people, or their backgrounds. Why is Dee still an atheist even though the most recent arc has confirmed that her ancient gods exist, at least as beings if not as gods? What future do Betty and Faeyri have? Do Hannah and Sawyer have a future? What about Violet and Orc Dave? What is Hannah's relationship with her parents really like and what went on at her University? Why are she and Tizzie on the outs if the flashbacks show them as friends. Will Violet ever go home? Or will she just keep punching her brother, Barry, in the face?

This is honestly a fandom where I would just like anything, even a bar brawl or two :D

Other things you might want to know: I am okay with het or femslash or threesomes or no-somes or gen or anything you can think of! And then some :D