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[info]alylicious wrote
on January 6th, 2017 at 11:51 pm

Dear Chocolate Box Author

First of all, thank you for agreeing to write for me :) I've pulled together some information on why I have chosen the Fandoms I have, and what I love about them, and set it out below, so hopefully you'll find that helpful. Most importantly, have fun!

Fandoms and Pairings I've requested:

Blade (Movie Series) – Hannibal King/Abigail Whistler, Abigail Whistler & Karen Jenson

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) - Cassian Andor/Jyn Erso (Rogue One), Cassian Andor & Jyn Erso & K-2SO (Rogue One), Bodhi Rook & Baze Malbus & Cassian Andor & Chirrut Îmwe & Jyn Erso & K-2SO (Rogue One)

Stargate: Atlantis - Elizabeth Weir/Radek Zelenka

Terminator Genisys (2015) - Sarah Connor/Kyle Reese (Genisys)

Things I love:

My fandoms tend to have themes, similarities between them that just make me happy, and those are the sort of things that I just love in fandom, too. These include: fierce, competent women and the slightly broken men who worship the ground they walk on; height differences between men and women, but she can still kick his ass; found families; you and me against the world/I'm with you to the end of the line.

Other tropes/narrative kinks that I love include: competency; loyalty; hurt-comfort; comfort in general; the woman being the stoic one; characters forced to cooperate and trust growing between them; trust in general; unspoken feelings; small gestures that mean big things; friends to lovers; undercover lovers; mutual pining; sharing a bed; fem!dom without humiliation or significant pain.

Genres I love: mysteries; science fiction; creature flicks; comforting character driven stories; action/adventure; domestic bliss. I like happy endings and tension and sex and bittersweet threads running through things. Also, porn. Porn is always good :D

Things I don't like

Character death, non-con or rape, character bashing. I have a huge humiliation squick, so I literally will not be able to read anything where the characters are made a fool of (even worse if they make a fool of themselves and don't even realise it). I'm not generally fond of AUs as I prefer fics in keeping with canon, but that being said I'm perfectly happy with fix-it fic for certain (no spoilers!) fandoms.

Prompts/Fandom specific things:

Please consider all prompts to be entirely optional – I know some people prefer to have prompts, and some people prefer not to, so they're just here in case you're one of the people who likes to have them.

Blade (Movie Series)

This fandom is a long-standing love of mine, and I'm always wanting more fannish stuff for it. I love Abby/King – it's my pairing of choice – but I'm also intrigued with how Karen fits into the wider world of the Nightstalkers, and wonder whether she and Abigail ever met.

Prompts: I'm a sucker for any stories about Abigail saving King, or vice versa, so anything that explores his statement about how Abigail found him and gave him the cure would make me happy. Or maybe they save each other during a mission, or they have to go undercover in order to infiltrate a vampire clan, or maybe they just get into a fight and have to patch each other up afterwards.

How did Abigail and Karen meet? Does Abigail drag Karen into saving King? How does Karen feel about that? Or maybe, given that she is a doctor, she has to patch Abigail up in Somerfield's absence.

I love all of the Nightstalkers, so feel free to include any in your story you would like.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)

I've just seen this movie and, boy, do I want more of these characters, particularly given that ending. I came out of the movie shipping Cassian and Jyn like whoa!, and the whole Rogue One team just satisfied my 'found family' kink.

Prompts: Give me more. More of the team, running missions post Scarif. More of Cassian and Jyn slowly falling for each other. Give me missing scenes, stolen moments from the movie. Give me more of Bodhi and his issues, of Churrit and his faith, of Baze and his cynicism and protective streak, of K–2S0 and his sarcasm and loyalty to Cassian.

Given how close the movie was to a traditional war movie instead of the Star Wars universe we're more familiar with, what about an AU where they're in the resistance in the Second World War instead of in space, or where they're spies, deep undercover, during the Cold War? What about a story that picks up the team, with all of their myriad of issues, and drops them somewhere else, that little cluster of broken, wounded souls who came together to forge something stronger? Cassian and Jyn, street rats now in their early 20s trying to make a go of it when the whole world's stacked against them. Bodhi, broken but still trying to do the right thing. Churrit and Baze, running a mission or a halfway house for lost souls. Go wild and have fun.

Stargate: Atlantis

This is a nostalgic fandom for me, but there still isn't enough Elizabeth Weir/Radek Zelenka fic in the world.

Prompts: anything where Elizabeth is awesome and Radek follows her around, basking in the awesomeness. Sometimes, it seems as though the pair of them are the only sane members of the Atlantis crew – for a certain value of 'sane'. So give me a mission where they have to save everybody else's ass because they're the only ones who keep their heads. Or quiet moments stolen in between diplomatic disasters and scientific chaos. Who does Elizabeth unburden herself to at the end of the day? At what point will Radek actually seriously consider killing Rodney and hiding his body in one of the less explored areas of Atlantis?

Terminator Genisys

I've loved Sarah and Kyle since I was barely old enough to rent the video legally. I love the newest incarnation just as much, and this time they got their happy ending. I haven't, however, watched the Sarah Connor Chronicles and I don't remember much about the other movies, so please bear that in mind. Thank you.

Prompts: How do Sarah and Kyle's childhoods differ, and how are they the same? Both were raised by warriors to be warriors, after all. The after the credits scene suggests that Skynet/Genisys survived, so what happens next? Are Sarah, Kyle and Pops left running for their lives?

What if Judgement Day happens anyway - tell me something about Sarah, Kyle and Pops in the aftermath. Or what about something about the three of them adapting to life in 2017 - it's a whole new world for Sarah and Kyle.

What happens now that Sarah's chosen Kyle? Will she get scared again? Will she commit? Did John survive the destruction of Genisys? If yes, what happens next? If no, how do Sarah and Kyle cope with the grief?

What about some quiet moments between them now that they have time to breathe? How do they connect, overcome that awkwardness?

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