October 2017



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Dear Yuletide Writer...

Dear Yuletide Writer

The fandoms (and characters) of my heart I've requested (in alphabetical order :D)
Blade (Movie Series) - Abigail Whistler, Hannibal King
Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights (2004) - Javier Suarez, Katey Miller
Emerald City (TV 2016) - Dorothy Gale, Lucas/Roan
From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series - Kate Fuller, Seth Gecko
Open Range (2003) - Bluebonnet "Boss" Spearman, Button

Sólo quiero caminar | Just Walking (2008) - Aurora Rodriguez, Gabriel</i>

First of all, thank you for writing for me!

Generally, I'm drawn to small fandoms anyway, and in some cases, Yuletide is my only chance to read fic that I haven't written myself, so there is at least one perennial fandom of mine on this list.

I know some people like to have bullet points and lists and prompts, but all prompts are, of course, optional. I just want you to have as much fun writing your story as I'm going to have reading it.


Female characters. Strong, capable, competent, caring, flawed. I have a massive competency kink which is pretty much doubled when it involves women, and I adore the trope of capable women and the still capable but slightly broken men who pretty much worship the ground they walk on.

Stories that explore the relationships between characters, whether those are romantic or not. I am never going to tire of stories about loyalty and trust, partners who have each other's backs, found families that are small and broken but still good. People who love each but can still call each other on their shit, and male characters who actually trust the woman in their lives to know their own minds and their own limitations.

Stoic characters who hide so much beneath the surface (especially if they're female). Smart characters who might occasionally do stupid things for the right reasons. Broken characters who just keep on going out of sheer stubbornness because they just can't quit. I don't mind if it's casefic or shipfic, plot or porn or a combination of all of them, but I'm largely in fandom for the characters and what they mean to each other so I would love anything that explores that in any of the fandoms I've requested.

I especially love relationships that are all about the unspoken bonds, where a quiet touch or a simple exchange means so much, so even shipfic doesn't need to be all romantic declarations of love.

I like happy endings, but I don't mind if they're bitter sweet. I enjoy hurt-comfort and injury is fine as long as it's not permanent and doesn't result in death. And if you want to go the porn route (and you're under no obligation to do so, but, you know, porn :D), I like stories that focus on female pleasure and I have a particular fondness for threesomes, cunning linguists :D and pegging, plus fem!dom (with male subs) as long as it doesn't involve humiliation or significant pain.


I don't have many hard do not wants, but the things below are pretty much guaranteed to stop me from being able to read your story:

  • I have a massive second hand embarrassment squick, so please, no humiliating characters or having them embarrass themselves.

  • non-con, whether that's actual, implied or somehow averted, unless it's happened in canon (and even then, I'd prefer it wasn't the focus of the story)

  • death fic, although I'm okay with a story dealing with the aftermath if it happened in canon.
For most fandoms, I'd prefer fic set in the canon universe rather than outright AUs, although I don't mind 'what ifs' if you want to explore what would happen if canon went in a slightly different direction. And please no fic with men dominating women in the bedroom, although I would be happy if it was the other way around :D

Blade (Movie Series)

Characters I've requested: Abigail Whistler, Hannibal King

Background info: There are three movies making up this series, all of them about a half-blood vampire hunter, Eric Blade, who generally goes around being sullen and staking vampires, while also suffering some existential angst and looking cool in black leather and sunglasses.

Me, I like the sidekicks.

What it is that I love: Abby is my girl. She's stoic and kick ass, competent but with hints of vulnerability. I love Abby together with King, the way that they have each other's backs without a second thought and that she can silence him with just a single look. I love the way that their body language mirrors each other, the way they trade glances while Blade kicks ass, the way they move in sync while fighting. I ship Abby/King like whoah, but I know not everyone does, so I'm okay with stories that show them as friends and partners.

I love the whole 'found family' deal with the Nightstalkers, particularly with Zoe, so if you want to include any other of the Nightstalkers in the fic (or even Karen Jenson, who I also nominated), please feel free. Abigail and King are my favourite characters, but that doesn't mean that I wouldn't love something more team-related as well. The only thing I would ask is no Drake/King, please. Definitely not my cuppa.

Prompts/Optional Details: All prompts are, again, optional. Feel free to pick and mix, choose little pieces of prompts or ignore them completely and write something different. Have fun! :)

As far as I'm concerned, there can never be enough stories exploring the wider world of the Blade movies, particularly the Nightstalker network. How does Whistler senior go about setting it up, and how does Abby get involved? How does Abigail and King's cell fit in with the wider Nightstalkers' network? Are they the main cell? R&D? The misfits?

In one of the codas at the end of the movie, seen in the extended version, the vampires have been wiped out by DayStar and Abby and King are now hunting werewolves with Caulder, with the suggestion that the werewolves they're hunting have somehow been vampirised. Tell me about that, whether it's how they move into werewolf hunting, or about one hunt in particular.

What happens when a hunt goes wrong? What if Abby's hurt? Or King?

Do they ever have to go undercover to find their mark? Troll night clubs looking for vampire lairs? Haunt metro networks or street corners?

Do they ever take the night off? What does downtime look like to a vampire hunter?

Other things you might want to know: This is one of the fandoms where there is in canon character death and non-con (I'm convinced that Danica/King wasn't consensual), so I don't mind if the story touches on that.

Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights

Characters I've requested: Javier Suarez, Katey Miller

Background info: Completely cheesy dance movie that's all about romance amid revolution. It's terrible, but I love it so!

What it is that I love: The dancing. The music. A very young Diego Luna and Romola Garai. The romance. The dancing.

I love the relationship that Javier has with his family, how he's so young and yet has so much responsibility placed on his shoulders. And I love Katey's whole fish out of water thing with the other rich kids of her supposed set, how she's both so old and young at the same time. And love the way they move together.

Prompts/Optional Details: As always, optional details are optional, so feel free to mix, match or ignore.

I'd love a story about Javier and Katey meeting again, maybe a few years down the line. Do things get worse for the Suarez family in Cuba. Do they end up making it to America anyway? How do Javier's and Katey's paths cross? Do they fall in love again, or have they never fallen out of it?

How was their first time? There was a lot of fade-to-black.

What about all of the rehearsals they did? Did they have any more almost kisses apart from the garage?

Tell me about their first kiss? Was that one on the dancefloor actually their first? If not, how many have they stolen before then?

Why are Katey's family okay with her staying out all night that night of the revolution?

Emerald City

Characters I've requested: Dorothy Gale, Lucas/Roan

Background info: Dorothy's all grown up and a nurse when she's whisked to Oz with police dog, Toto. There she rescues a tarred and feathered man, hung from a pole, and engineers the death of the witch, East. Then it really gets weird.

What it is that I love: I love the feel of this show, the opulence of it, the richness of the characters, the way it takes the books and just twists them a little. I love most of the characters, but I love the relationship between Dorothy and Lucas most of all, the trust and the betrayal, the love and the way it comes to border on hate.

Prompts/Optional Details: As always, all prompts are optional.

It looks like we won't be getting any more Emerald City (sad face) so I'm all about fic that picks up where the series left off.

What happens when Lucas comes for Dorothy? Does she go back to Oz with him? Does she not? Do they face the Beast Forever and defeat it, save her mother?

What about Lucas's relationship with Glinda? Is he still torn between being Roan and being Lucas? Why did Jane send him, or did she? Is it a trap?

Or, how did Lucas make the decisions he did that led to him trying to kill Dorothy? Was it simply the power that Glinda exerts, or something deeper that that? Something of Roan?

What about Dorothy? Was it grief or rage or something else that had her literally putting Lucas back where she found him?

How do they move past it? Do they? Or does it get buried under the weight of things they have to go, a silent tension between them while they do what needs to be done?

What about Toto? Does he make go back to Oz, too?

Other things you might want to know: I have read all of the Oz books, but that was many, many moons ago when I was wee.

From Dusk Till Dawn: TV Series

Characters I've requested: Kate Fuller, Seth Gecko

Background info: When professional bank robber Seth Gecko and his brother, Richie, take a job that goes wrong, they end up taking hostages just north of the Mexican border. They escape to a seedy bar called 'Titty Twisters' where they realise that Richie's deteriorating mental health is the least of their problems.

What it is that I love: Culebras and criminals and fucked up relationships, oh my!

I love Seth and Kate together, in all of their messed up, resentful glory. He ruined her life, and she's returned the favour. I love the fact that they're so different and yet so similar, always putting family first and dragged into the world of Culebras because of their love for their brothers, even while part of them resents that same affection.

I'd be happy with anything that explores Seth and Kate's relationship, whether that's shippy or not. It doesn't have to be hearts and flowers - it wouldn't be realistic if it was - but something raw and real, part attraction, part inevitability with all of the messed up baggage that goes with it.

Prompts/Optional Details: Optional details are optional :D

How Kate recovers from Amaru - if she does - and how Seth helps or hinders that.

There's a reference in Season 3 to Seth still having his own venom - tell me about that, how he beats his addiction, if he ever does. Does he replace it with something else, like alcohol or Kate perhaps?

Tell me how Kate adapts to the world of Culebras now that she knows Scott is never leaving it, and her attempts to help him ended so disastrously. Does she still try to have a normal life before she succumbs to the allure of the Gecko brothers?

What happens after the end of the Season 3 finale? One second it looks like Seth and Richie are leaving Kate behind, and then she's with them, robbing banks. How did that come about?

Tell me about Kate's first time.

Other things you might want to know: It's okay to include any of the other nominated characters, as long as Seth and Kate are the focus of the fic.

Open Range

Characters I've requested: Bluebonnet "Boss" Spearman, Button, Charley Waite

Background info: Boss Spearman and his small crew are free grazers, tending their cattle on the open range. However, times are changing and to some ranchers, free grazers are parasites. They believe that they own the land and they're willing to use violence to enforce that.

What it is that I love: I love this movie - the down to earth pragmatism of Boss and Charlie, and the relationship between the two, but most of all the quasi-paternal relationship that Boss has with Button, the 16-year old they rescued from the gutter. It's another of my 'found family' fandoms.

Prompts/Optional Details: Optional details are optional :D

I'd love a story that explores the relationship between Boss and Button in particular, so anything about that - how they found Button, why and how they decided to keep him with them when - especially in the beginning - he was small and scrawny - would be my jam.

I love how Button tries so hard to live up to their expectations of him, how he's itching to do more, but how he's still a child in many ways - trusting and impatient both at once. I love Charley's big brother like exasperation, and Boss's barely hidden affection, as rough and ready as the man himself. And how eager Button is for that praise, the need for validation.

Just anything about this little family - before the movie or after it - would be great.

Other things you might want to know: The only reason I haven't also selected Sue is because I don't want to limit you to a post-movie fic. But if you want to include her, I'd be really happy with that. And if you do want to set it pre-movie, feel free to include Mose.

No slash or underage sex for this fandom, please. Thank you.

Sólo quiero caminar | Just Walking

Characters I've requested: Aurora Rodriguez, Gabriel

Background info: Four women form a criminal gang, with strong ties between them and a ride-or-die attitude. When one of them marries an abusive Mexican crime lord, and suffers as a result, the rest of her gang are out for revenge. This is a full-blooded crime caper set in Spain and Mexico, lusciously full of barely suppressed passion.

What it is that I love: Oh my God. What's not to love. Leaving aside the fact that the leads are all women, I just love Aurora and the chemistry she has with Gabriel. They are two very damaged individuals on opposite sides of this war, and yet somehow they manage to forge a connection.

I love that Aurora is allowed to use men for just sex, that she's allowed to not want hearts and flowers, just a release of tension. And I love that Gabriel, who is so closed off, becomes fascinated by her - who wouldn't be - to the extent that he chooses her over everything else. And I love his twisted sense of honour, even as he works as an enforcer to a man who is anything but honourable.

Prompts/Optional Details: Optional details are optional :D

Can I just say one thing - why the hell does no one in this movie ever think to call a bloody ambulance? I mean, I get the aesthetic, but frankly if you've got time for a dramatically slow death scene, full of conversations with loved ones, then you've got time to call an ambulance.

So let's call one, yeah?

So what I want is fix-it fic. No one dies. They escape. They carry out more crimes. They're avenging angels for the abused women and children of the world. Gloria sees her kid grow up and Paloma isn't forced into that weird thing of raising a teenager who's got a crush on each other. Gabriel and Aurora actually learn about each other. Maybe they're all on the run from the mob. Maybe they aren't. Where do they go from here?

That's really what I want, but feel free to elaborate however you like on that bare-bones request :D

Other things you might want to know: I'm perfectly happy if you want to include the whole gang. I'm just thoroughly intrigued by Aurora and Gabriel (and those smoking hot scenes) between them, so I'd like any story to focus on them, please.