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[info]alylicious wrote
on March 22nd, 2010 at 11:05 pm

Al's Hierarchy of Fannish Needs (in pictorial form)

I've mentioned a few times that I have a mental chart of hierarchical needs when it comes to fandom. Think of it as a ::counts on fingers:: three step process determining what, if any, my participation is in any particular fandom. I may even have spelled it out once or twice in comment threads elsewhere, but I've never done the meta post I've been meaning to do, that sets it out neatly and so I can point to it and go, "There! That's what I'm talking about!"

However, during the most recent meta go around, or at least the most recent meta go around that I got involved in, the one on misogyny in fandom, I think I might have promised [info]miera_c a flowchart. Geek to the core, baby!

Today, at lunchtime, I was a wee bit bored so I sat down and sketched it out, and I scanned it in this evening.

So, here it is, in pictorial form, Al's Hierarchy of Fannish Needs (As A Flowchart). The steps that set out how life determines whether or not I will participate in any particular fandom.

I did have more meta - some thoughtful ruminants on where particular fandoms fit for me - first level would be shows like Firefly or early Buffy, where I watched the show avidly but never felt the need to participate in fandom because my primary interaction was with the source material. Also, earlier I was thinking about my fic tendencies and the patterns that I've exhibited throughout my fannish life. But it is late and I am tired and so I will explain. No, it will take too long. I will sum up.

  • I like strong women, I cannot lie.

  • It's not the parts, it's the pairing.

  • Gen? What gen? aka I love gen. It's called 'the show'.
There. Your meta for this evening ::g::

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