October 2017




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Aug. 31st, 2013

EEee! It's live!

I will do a proper fic post, with headings and everything, at some point but in news that will surprise no one I wrote Blade: Trinity fic. Living is Easy, in fact, which is 50k's worth of porn more or less.

But I really just wanted to point you towards the absolutely gorgeous art that [personal profile] leyna did. Seriously. It is utterly beautiful and I am so, so lucky that she decided to claim my story.

It's here and, oh god, I love it to pieces.

Apr. 8th, 2010


So, this weekend gone I finally got around to acquiring Legend of the Seeker and it was fun. And by 'fun' I mean, of course, omg! Richard is so adorable and Kahlan is omg!squee! kickass and their love is so epic and UST and they can never consummate it but still manage to have omg hot sexx0rs or close to it on a regular basis and I bought the first book on Tues and it is like guilty sekrit bad!fic but I know I'll buy more and I have mainlined many of the eps and skimmed the rest looking for epic Richard and Kahlaness and Cara is omg!sofucking awesome and I've joined comms and acquired icons and I was casually skimming through the book on Tues and read the leather clad dominatrix scenes with Richard and Denna because it is guilty sekrit badfic but I was all 'why didn't they film this episode, huh?' with Claire and then I got home and watched more eps and THEY TOTALLY FILMED THAT EP! and then I changed my desktop wallpaper last night from Connor and Abby to unf!series 2 Richard...

I am totally fucking doomed. And could not be happier about it ::g::