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Apr. 29th, 2010

Fuck you, McAfee!

Not content with fucking up to epic proportions last week (although thankfully I was spared that fiasco) McAfee decided to install an update tonight that, completely without warning, closed down my network connections. Including the connection to both my USB connected drive and my network drive. The network drive that stores my WIPs. Including the document I was working on, which happens to be my ficathon due tomorrow. Which was open when McAfee decided to kill the connection to the place it was opened from. Cue lots of panicked flailing while I tried to save it anywhere in any form when Word informed me of that fact. Which also failed.

Thank God it didn't lose the document entirely, which I have had happen at work before (as have other people - it turned out that the path names were long enough to cause problems when combined with the utter robustness of work's servers) but I have lost a lot of the stuff I've done tonight.

I could cry, I really could. I found this so bloody hard to write and it was finally starting to come together (because my brain completely hates me) and then this happens.

And I'm updating from my phone while my computer reboots because of fucking McAfee!

I have never flaked on a ficathon yet and never will bar death or dismemberment (not necessarily mine) but I hate the fact that I might be late with it.


ETA: And to completely cement this evening's fail, I have spent the last hour throwing up. Joy.